Boiling Peanuts at Home

How to Boil Peanuts at home. Step by Step Guide 🙂

We bought 4 bushels of raw green peanuts and decided to try our hand at boiling them at home. The one thing we learned though this process is to be patient and that we won’t be doing this in our kitchen next year. We will probably have an outside kitchen of some sort by this time next year. We will have a post in our How-To section when we do that.

So here is our peanut journey from start to finish! Enjoy 🙂
20181020_104345_film3 First step was getting our FRESH peanuts back home after we bought them in Alabama from a farm called Sawyers Produce.


WASHING VIDEO coming soon

Next, even though the peanuts were already dirt free, we washed them before boiling them. Just add in cold water, stir them around with your hand, and then pour the water out. Repeat until water runs clear and free of debris.


We used canning pots to boil our peanuts. We put in 10 cups of raw peanuts in each pot and then covered them with water, leaving room for it to boil without spilling over.

img_20181022_105840381Once washed and covered with clean water, we added salt. About 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 cup is what we put in, but if you wanted the salty add 2-2 1/2 cups. Stir in the salt and set the heat to high and the timer to 5 hours.

STIR VIDEO coming soon



We stirred them about every hour, we probably didn’t have to do it that often. After 5 hours of boiling on high, we turned the stove off and allowed the pots and peanuts to cool before draining the water.

img_20181022_132521397Once the peanuts have been drained of all water, let them cool a little while longer before putting them in a storage container. We used gallon freezer bags and tried not to over fill them so that they could all stack into our deep freeze. After boiling 3 1/2 bushels, we decided to keep the other raw green peanuts to try and plant next year. These peanuts will last in the freezer for months, though I doubt they go uneaten for that long.

To properly re-heat peanuts for snaking pleasure simply grab a bowl big enough for the amount of peanuts you want plus a little extra room to cover them with water. Then heat them up for roughly 7 minutes per half gallon bag. Dump the water out and ENJOY!


There are 2 things you can do with your peanut shells after you have eaten the nut. Add them to your compost bin or feed them to your animals. Our chickens really love them.



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  1. I have never boiled my own peanuts before. I have bought cans from the store and a snack bag or two from a gas station, but that is it. I am going to try this next time i am craving peanuts!!

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