Time to Fodder

When we first started raising chickens, we gave them grain that we bought from tractor supply. And then I got into foraging and started foraging for the chickens in the spring summer and fall. So our cost of feed went WAY down and then winter hit and I couldn't walk through the yard and find… Continue reading Time to Fodder


Our Blacksmith Journey Thus Far

When we first started Blacksmithing, we didn't really have a equipment to do it in a very productive way. The very first forge we built was made out of a popcorn bucket with a hole at the bottom, an old frying pad, a hair drier, and a plastic cup. Although it may look a little… Continue reading Our Blacksmith Journey Thus Far


Making Detergent

Have you ever wished there was a cheaper way out there to wash you clothes with less chemicals? Well you can stop wondering and start SAVING $$ money!! I have been making our laundry detergent for about 2 years now and I will never go back to store bought. I spend a couple hours one… Continue reading Making Detergent


Our First Pig Butchering

CAUTION: This post will include pictures that some may view as graphic. In this post we talk about our first time butchering our own pig. Proceed with that in mind. Thank you and enjoy. Leave a comment or send us pictures of your pig experiences. Or tag us on Instagram or Facebook so we can see your… Continue reading Our First Pig Butchering


Boiling Peanuts at Home

How to Boil Peanuts at home. Step by Step Guide 🙂 We bought 4 bushels of raw green peanuts and decided to try our hand at boiling them at home. The one thing we learned though this process is to be patient and that we won't be doing this in our kitchen next year. We… Continue reading Boiling Peanuts at Home


The life of a Blueberry

Blueberries are perennial flowering plants that grow in mostly bush form. This delicious fruit contains: high antioxidants, low calories, fiber, vitamin c and k, and magnesium. It also has many properties that include: fighting cancer, lowering blood pressure, fight heart disease, protect cholesterol, anti-diabetic, fight urinary tract infection, and reduce muscle damage after strenuous workouts.… Continue reading The life of a Blueberry


The Wonderful Dandelion Flower

So many people view dandelions as a nuisance that ruins the appearance of their yards when they can be used as powerful medicinal herbs. True, dandelions might not be the most beautiful flower, but they are pretty in their own simple way. More than that, they’re valuable for their healing properties. In times simpler than… Continue reading The Wonderful Dandelion Flower


The Art of Trellising

Trellises can be built and used in many different sizes and with many different materials and they are oh so simple. The concept is: two end post, followed by other posts spaced out as needed, and some sort of connecting material to support the vining plants. So depending on the size of the plant you… Continue reading The Art of Trellising



Composting can be an amazing alternative to buying soil each year, given you have the space and a little time. We have seen composting done in many different containers from: buckets, to trash cans, to under tarps, and wooden walled containment(pallets are a good choice). It is so enjoyable to know exactly what is in… Continue reading Composting