Time to Fodder

When we first started raising chickens, we gave them grain that we bought from tractor supply. And then I got into foraging and started foraging for the chickens in the spring summer and fall. So our cost of feed went WAY down and then winter hit and I couldn’t walk through the yard and find… Continue reading Time to Fodder

What is it to be a Blacksmith?

A blacksmith is a metalworker that creates objects by forging metal, using tools to hammer, bend, and cut. Blacksmiths produce objects such as grilles, sculpture, tools, weapons, agricultural implements, railings, decorative and religious items, light fixtures, cooking utensils and furniture. To many people blacksmith can mean and be many different things. It can be a hobby,… Continue reading What is it to be a Blacksmith?

The Chicks of 2018

We had a very broody hen and a semi-broody hen earlier in the year. One kept pecking at us when we removed eggs each morning. So we decided to let them try and hatch some. They both did a great job and ended up co-mummying together really well! They hatched 7 chicks. The only issue… Continue reading The Chicks of 2018


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About Me

Hello, we are Blake and Jessi. We had a dream of living simply and off of our own hard work. That is how we found Homesteading. Here you will find stories and how-tos on all things homesteading and all of the hobbies we find while living our dreams! Welcome to Mineral Works Homestead!

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