The Chicks of 2018

We had a very broody hen and a semi-broody hen earlier in the year. One kept pecking at us when we removed eggs each morning. So we decided to let them try and hatch some. They both did a great job and ended up co-mummying together really well! They hatched 7 chicks.

The only issue we had was that after those 7 hatched, both of the mommy hens stopped roosting on the other eggs. So we brought some inside and decided to incubate them ourselves.

We got 2 more chicks out of bringing about 8 inside. The others we opened to see the process for ourselves that the chicks go through when they are growing.

**CAUTION: Some images below may be considered graphic to some views. View with that in mind.**


We ended up with 9 Chicks that all got along just fine in the coop with our rooster and other chickens.

Our chicks were the cutest little additions to the homestead. Watching the get bigger and bigger was so much fun. They were very curious and adventurous!

They even managed to find a few small holes in our chicken run and escape. After getting them back inside we patched the holes to solve the problem. We lost 5 chicks, it was rough. One got out and wasn’t found. Two were taken(we had a whole dug into the chicken run). One was smooshed by the window cover when it fell on a windy day. The last one was eaten by a snake that got into our chicken coop.

We weren’t all that happy about the number of chicks we came out with, but since we didn’t really need to grow our flock at the time we were to worried about it.

Next year we will be buying eggs and raising them in our incubator to add some different breeds to our little flock. Our chicks are all grown up now.


What is your favorite breed of chicken? Do you prefer hatching inside or letting your flock take care of it?

Leave us some comments on how you do it. And check out our Instagram and our Facebook

Thanks so much for reading and be sure to come back for more 🙂



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