Making Detergent

Have you ever wished there was a cheaper way out there to wash you clothes with less chemicals? Well you can stop wondering and start SAVING $$ money!! I have been making our laundry detergent for about 2 years now and I will never go back to store bought. I spend a couple hours one day making about a years worth of soap for a total of about $15. Below is a collection of pictures with some instructions on how I make our Soap.

Enjoy, and if you make your own soap and want to share it with us then be sure to comment or tag us on Instagram or Facebook

Okay. First I will list the Ingredients and then the Ratio Rule I follow.

-Bar Zote Soap (zote)

-Box Borax (borax)

-Box Washing Powder (washing powder)

-OPTIONAL Box Baking Soda (baking soda)

The Ration Rule that I follow is 2:1:1

So I use 2 bars of Zote Soap(1 Pink and one White), which is about 6 cups once shredded.

Then 3 cups Borax and 3 Cups Washing Powder.

For an extra boost of stain fighter add 1-2 cups of Baking Soda.bakingsoda

I like to mix all of my ingredients in a big pot on the stove to heat up the water and mix everything together really well.


Heat everything up and add water until it reaches just near the top of the pot. You want to make sure all of the ingredients are melted down and mixed together really well.

After all the ingredients are mixed together, remove it from the heat and allow it to sit for a few hours without a lid so it can cool off. There will be a thin layer of suds on the top of the water. Scrape this off before transferring your soap to containers.


I will use almost any plastic container to store my Homemade Soap in. I fill each container half full with the Heated Concentrate Soap Mixture. The other half will be water. After filling all of your containers, for me about 10-15 depending on how large of containers I had. Shake each container before putting into your storage area. Also before each use, Shake very well. Because this mixture is low suds it can be used in all types of washers.

Well I hope this post has helped you understand a little bit about making your own Detergent. It is super easy and it smells awesome. It lasts a SUPER long time too.

Thanks so much for read and happy soap making!!

Below is a link to buy a kit with 2 or 3 FULL makings inside. Check it out!!



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