Our Blacksmith Journey Thus Far

When we first started Blacksmithing, we didn’t really have a equipment to do it in a very productive way. The very first forge we built was made out of a popcorn bucket with a hole at the bottom, an old frying pad, a hair drier, and a plastic cup. Although it may look a little rough, it worked very well.


Since anvils are notoriously expensive, we made our first anvil. It is a railroad tie that we cut in half and welded back together to make for a wider work space. After that we had a friend of ours machine the top layer of it flat.

The Coal Forge consisted of a metal table that was welded together with a brake drum welded into a hole so the forge wouldn’t to be to tall. Then, with the piece of sheet metal that was cut out of the top of the table we made a lid. The lid had 3 scrap pieces of metal welded together so there was something to grab onto.

You can use charcoal, or Blacksmith Coal, or charred wood. This was the forge and anvil that we used for a quite a while. Many wares were forged with this set.

Even with all of the fun we were having, we still dreamed of a bigger anvil and a gas forge.

Then we bought a Peter Wright and it is beautiful!


First we needed a place to mount the anvil. So we called some family and got a VERY large stump.

After getting it home with little damage to the Homestead truck, we traced the outline of the anvil onto the center of the stump so that we could dig down a bit and give the anvil a perfect sea atop its stump throne.

Then came lowering the anvil into its new rightful place.

Next we built the gas forge.

We ordered the fire brick from Amazon HERE

Here is what has been forged since then.


We have started a few projects with the new forge, but we will definitely be doing more soon!

Show us your forge and forged items!!! 🙂

If you have any questions or you wanna teach us something or shear something with us, hit us up on Instagram or Facebook

Thanks for reading and Happy Blacksmithing!




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