What is Homesteading

Homesteading is a way of life that embraces the concept of self-sufficient living to some degree. How far you are able to progress your homestead is up to you and your time, creativity, willingness to learn, interests, talents, location, and patience. No two homesteads are the same. We all do things a little different, and we are all at a different place in our homestead lifespan. Many hope to create something that will last generations. A homestead is something to be proud of and they are so much fun to live and learn on.

**Some states have special laws or regulations, both good and restricting, regarding homesteading. Be sure you check your up on your state before getting started**

There are three main categories your homestead can fall under, but remember not to limit yourself.

At one end we have THE HARDCORES. This is a family or small group (rarely an individual) that is completely self-sufficient and independent. They are often “off grid” and found in rural areas. They harvest things right from the farm like: livestock, hunted animal, eggs, dairy products, grain, vegetables, fruits, and much more. Some practice living the simplest life they can when it comes to modern technologies and conveniences by cutting out all they can. Many store food and other survival equipment by canning, dehydrating, and preserving to support them year round. Almost all income is sourced from something on or from the homestead. Much work goes into being a HARDCORE, but it is very rewarding.

Then there are in THE BLENDED. *The most broad category* This is a family, small group, or individual that loves some parts of homesteading but will never fully commit to the whole package. They can be found in urban, suburban, and rural areas. One family may grow a garden and have no interest in livestock or alternate energy sources (or vice versa). Another example is raising animals but buying their feed at a store. Many homesteads that fall into this category are beautiful and rewarding even if they aren’t a HARDCORE.

Lastly we have THE URBANER. These homesteads can be found right in the middle of the city. This is a family or individual generally practicing only one or two self-sufficient ideals. Like canning jam, but with fruit from the farmers market instead of your back yard. Or growing a few small herbs and vegetables on an apartment balcony. The best part is not much is needed in the financial area for this one and it is still very rewarding.

Your homestead can but as big or as small as you like. The first step we suggest is gaining some knowledge. Learn all you can. Not only from those thriving, but also those making mistakes. Next get organized! Grab a notebook or some paper and write out your homestead goals. It doesn’t matter how many goals you have, but you want to know we had you are aiming for. Then get a plan together. After you have figured out what you will grow, raise, or produce, it is time to mark the calendar with the optimal time to buy, plant, or start your projects so you be as successful as you can. Now just get out there and try it. It doesn’t take much effort or money to try a few homestead practices to simplify your life.

Where we are now with our homestead is not what we want or final homestead to be. We will be growing and ever changing. Our goal is to run our homestead and send owner business instead of working an hourly job. We are still very new and learning all the time. Always remember it is okay to change and re-imagine your homestead vision.

Homesteading is such a wonderful way of life that can teach you so much about yourself and those around you. There is no WRONG HOMESTEAD. If you are doing even one thing in there direction of self-sufficientness, then by-golly you are a HOMESTEADER!

We will be posting lots of pictures and stories, both dos and don’ts, and lots of toys and tricks her on our website. Click HERE to check out our Blog and HERE to check out our Instagram page. Feel free to show us your Homestead progress via Facebook. Click HERE to head to our page. BE SURE TO FOLLOW US AND SUBSCRIBE! We also sell some of the things we create and produce here on our little (for now) homestead. Check out our products HERE.

Thanks so much for reading and Happy Homesteading!

Be sure to leave us a comment and check back next week for our latest HOMESTEAD ADVENTURE!!!

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