The Art of Trellising

Trellises can be built and used in many different sizes and with many different materials and they are oh so simple. The concept is: two end post, followed by other posts spaced out as needed, and some sort of connecting material to support the vining plants. So depending on the size of the plant you are taking care of, you can ultimately be creative with your building materials. We have planted quite a few things system. We have kiwis, 3 kinds of grapes, muscadines, and blackberries so far. We crafted ours out of t-posts (that we already had) and rolled wire fencing. We plan to let our plants get pretty large so we wanted to make sure we had support through the years. This picture was a few months ago. We will post recent pictures on our Instagram page @mineralworks_homestead.

20180430_095205 (1)

Like I said above , you can use many different materials for many different plants. Below is a few material examples ๐Ÿ™‚

  • bamboo stakes
  • t-posts
  • rebar
  • wood posts
  • sticks
  • pvc pipes (filled with dirt or sand for extra strength)
  • wood lathing
  • and so many more

Not all plants will grow well on all of the options listed above. It is also a good idea to keep in mind what zone you live in (Blog post topic coming soon!) and what plants can survive being outdoors year round. You could make a green house cover to put on your trellis to give it a double use!

And before you go out and buy something, take a look around your place and see what you have. And always be creative. You can learn something from both a success and a fail. So get out there and grow your own!!

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